Plantable Stationery Collection Featured in Fem Magazine

Plantable Stationery Collection Featured in Fem Magazine

We were pleased to find our brand new Tranquil Garden Plantable Stationery Collection, including plantable journals and plantable pocket notebooks, featured in Germany’s Online Magazine, Fem! Their inspiration sprung from our eco-friendly nature in all of our designs and product lines made from seed paper.

Botanical PaperWorks Plantable Paper Fem Magazine

We tried our best to read this article in German but it just didn’t work, so we had to bring in Google Translator to help us out! This is what we got from it:

If the notebooks and folders from “Botanical Paperworks” have been closed, must wildflowers sprout from them.

(We think this means that once you’re done with the stuff, you can plant it!)

Only write best-selling novel, then plant flowers. The perfect accessory for such projects are the notebooks from Botanical Paperworks from Canada. This name refers not only to the natural affinity and floral designs of notebooks, exercise books, cards and calendars of the brand, but also the basic ingredient and an asset for the products. These are namely, among others of “plantable paper”.

We really wish we could read German right now! We know the translation isn’t perfect, so we assume this part is talking about documenting all of your great ideas in our plantable journals.

Eight different wild flower seeds

This handmade “Plantable Paper” contains eight different varieties of wildflower seeds. This can be brought to fruition after use: who crushes the flowery paper, embedded in the earth and cover up something that may look forward to it already short on snapdragons, daisies, alyssum & Co.. It is important however, to give the paper after two years to life, because the older the seeds, the lower their ability to germinate.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, and correct! We do have several types of seeds in our paper, and as with most seeds, they do have a recommended shelf life of about two years.

Take a look at the original article on their website, Warning: auf Deutsch (it’s all in German!).

Check out all of our wonderful new plantable stationery collections today!

Learn more about this special paper made by Botanical PaperWorks that uses post-consumer materials and is embedded with seeds so that it will grow when planted!


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