Plantable Wedding Favors

Plantable Wedding Favors Designed For Environmental Causes

Wedding celebrations are one of the best ways to share a piece of your passions and personalities with friends and family. When couples choose details that reflect things that they love and care about, it adds more soul into the event. As some of the most special gifts you’ll share, wedding favors that help an important cause that’s close to your hearts will let guests see a new piece of who you are as a couple. While a jar of local honey or a box of macarons is a great gift, choosing to make a donation in lieu of traditional wedding favors will make the beauty of your wedding live on in a special way. So, if you and your fiancé love nature and wildlife conservation, these NEW plantable wedding favors from Botanical PaperWorks are a great option. Available in three beautiful styles, you can customize them to include any kind of message that you wish and use them however you want. Since they include nature-inspired designs, they make perfect donation favors for environmental causes.

Wedding favors with a purpose.

Plantable wedding favors are the perfect option for eco-friendly events because they’re made with recycled materials and leave absolutely no waste behind. Aside from their trendy designs, these products are even more special because they’re embedded with NON-GMO seeds that grow when planted in a pot or garden. As the paper composts away, a fragrant garden of wildflowers will grow which help benefit the natural habitat for birds, bees and butterflies within the community. They give a beautiful new meaning to #growgoodthings.

Take a closer look at the NEW plantable wedding favors:

Wildlife Watercolor Plantable Wedding Favors

NEW Plantable Wedding Favors | Share your love for wildlife preservation with these seed paper wedding favors that GROW! #weddings #bridetobe #nature #wildlife
Featuring a stunning watercolor design on uniquely textured seed paper, these plantable wedding favors will certainly impress guests. As one of the top five biggest public concerns about environmental issues, wildlife preservation is becoming an issue that affects us all. In fact, more than 40% of Americans expressed concern about endangered species, animal and plant extinction, coral bleaching, loss of animal habits and more. This is an important issue because it affects biodiversity, agriculture, research, eco-tourism, education, environmental indication and even provides psychological benefits. Completely customizable, using this versatile piece as a donation favor will help benefit nature and wildlife in a beautiful way.

Shop the Wildlife Watercolor Plantable Favors!

NEW Plantable Wedding Favors | Give a gift that lives on with these seed paper products that can be used for donation favors! #weddings #bridetobe #nature #wildlife
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If you’re looking for a great organization to donate to with your plantable wedding favors, the World Wildlife Fund is a fantastic choice. As one of the most recognized organizations, their mission is to support the degradation of forests, oceans, freshwater, wildlife, food and climate to help build a better future for the next generation.

“Conservation endures as a living discipline because it is inhabited by a magnificent collection of people. Only by working together can we create solutions to the most vexing problems we face.”
– Carter Roberts, President & CEO of WWF

Nature Lovers Plantable Wedding Favors

NEW Plantable Wedding Favors | Share your passion for nature conservancy with these eco-friendly donation favors. #weddings #bridetobe #nature #wildlife
Featuring a lush greenery boarder and elegant typography, these plantable wedding favors are perfect for couples planning an earth-friendly wedding. If you and your fiancé love to go hiking, camping or you have a passion for photographing the great outdoors, these seed paper products will share that piece of your world with friends and family. Available in three gorgeous colors including bright green, jade or olive green, you can customize the message to include any kind of message or charity information that you wish.

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Nature conservation is important because trees and forests help us breathe, they help keep the Earth cool, they help clean the air, they provide food, they give us medicine, create jobs and create some of the Earths purest beauty. If you’d like to make a wedding donation to an organization that supports this issue, check out the Nature Conservancy of Canada. As the country’s largest national land conservation organization, the NCC has helped protect 2.8 million acres across Canada.

Save The Bees Plantable Wedding Favors

NEW Plantable Wedding Favors | These donation favors spread awareness about the importance of honeybees! #weddings #bridetobe #nature #wildlife
Designed in a charming bee shape, the Save The Bees Plantable Wedding Favors will teach guests about the importance of these buzzing insects. Completely customizable, you can add your initials to the front and include a special message on the back. Available in your choice of 14 eye-catching seed paper colors, guests will be able to plant the paper to grow a garden of wildflowers after the event. As pollinator plants, wildflowers help benefit the natural eco-system of these important species and can help bring their populations back to a healthy, sustainable level.

Shop the Save The Bees Plantable Wedding Favors!

NEW Plantable Wedding Favors | Give a gift that lives on with these seed paper products that can be used for donation favors! #weddings #bridetobe #nature #wildlife
To learn more about the importance of honeybees, take a look at this Save The Bees Infographic from Botanical PaperWorks. If you’re looking for a bee-friendly organization to donate to, we encourage you to check out the Pesticde Action Network. They spread awareness about the dangers of pesticides and work to create a thriving food system in North America.

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