Restore Our Earth – Why This Year’s Earth Day Theme Is So Relevant

Amid all the uncertainty and personal challenges we’ve been facing over the past year, you might think concern for the environment would be less of a focus.

The opposite is true.

Maybe that’s because of scientists making the connection between the global health crisis and the state of the environment. Or the fact that people felt separated from each other, and the state of the earth is one thing we all share in common. Or perhaps because vast amounts of waste were generated by important efforts to fight the pandemic. Whatever the reason, businesses shouldn’t ignore that sustainability is on their customers’ minds.

Here are a few facts about peoples’ opinions on sustainability:

  • 70% of Americans say protecting the environment is more important than growing the economy, according to the 2018 Yale Climate Opinion Maps.
  • Sustainable shopping behaviors rising, according to this study by Accenture.
  • 92% of participants in a BPMA Research 2020 study said the reusability, recyclability, and sustainability of products had a medium to high impact on their purchasing decisions.
  • Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers all equally view sustainability as a key consideration in their purchasing decisions, according to a study by Deloitte.

What is the 2021 theme?

The theme for Earth Day 2021 is ‘Restore Our Earth,’ which means taking the steps necessary as a global community to restore the health of our Earth’s environments such as:

  • Cleaning up our ocean plastic
  • Producing green technologies
  • Switching to greener business operations
  • Conserving and rehabilitating biodiverse ecosystems and wildlife
  • Acknowledging that the global pandemic and other natural disasters are connected to the health of our global environments
Wind power energy generators in a field against a blue sky

Why Earth Day 2021 may get a lot of attention

  • U.S. President, Joe Biden, is taking part — Biden’s Administration is hosting a global climate summit on Earth Day, April 22, 2021. His administration has already resigned the Paris Agreement and reviewed environmental protection laws that the Trump Administration rolled back. There are other reasons why this year’s Earth Day is especially prominent.
  • Many countries are on board to cut carbon — Over 110 countries have made a binding commitment with the UN General Assembly to reach net-zero carbon emissions in the next 50 years.
  • Sustainable energy is on the riseThe International Energy Agency predicts wind and solar energy will get ahead of natural gas and coal in the global market by 2024.
  • Scientists agree that reducing deforestation lowers the risk of future pandemicsClimate scientists say the closer that humans encroach on biodiverse environments such as forests, the closer humans get to potentially transferring new viruses with wildlife. In 2020, deforestation in the Amazon went up to a whopping 75 percent.
President Joe Biden, Earth Day 2021 Summit announcement
Source: Evan Vucci, ABC News

Participating in Earth Day is an opportunity for businesses to join the conversation and take action

As environmental concerns weigh on the minds of consumers, they want to know brands they choose are doing something to be part of a solution, not creating more problems.

Earth Day may just be one day, but it’s not about the day at all. It’s about the actions and conversation we have to set goals, make policy changes, and do better that matters.

Here are a few ways your business can take action this Earth Day:

  • Start an initiative within your business to make changes that will have a positive impact and share your plans with your audience
  • Collaborate with an environmental charity or make a donation
  • Join a recycling or composting program
  • Share a water and energy conservation plan for the workplace
  • Start brainstorming sustainable packaging alternatives
  • Organize employees to join a local environmental cleanup
  • Choose useful and eco-friendly giveaways that do something positive for the environment

Why choose seed paper products for Earth Day messages?

  • It grows plants that help create habitats for various species
  • It’s made with post-consumer paper waste to save trees
  • It gets people outside to enjoy nature
  • It’s budget-friendly, creative, and sustainable

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