The True Meaning of Eco-Friendly

So many companies out there claim they are eco-friendly and take part in sustainable practices, but the definition has become so loose, how does one know if the claim actually proves true?

At Botanical PaperWorks, we describe our plantable seed paper as eco-friendly, but we have the facts to back it up! It all starts with the very first process of our paper making. We go to various local businesses and collect their recycled paper and haul it over to our warehouse where we then shred it and from there, we create something old, new again.

This handmade paper is not only made with post-consumer waste, our practices allow it to completely recycle itself leaving no waste and only producing gorgeous wildflowers from the plantable paper. This adds beauty to our environment and creates new homes for bees that are important pollinators for our earth.

These eco practices have bigger impacts than people think, but as a small company we do the following every year and these numbers increase as we continue to grow as a company too!

  • Save over 85 trees
  • Conserve enough oxygen for 43 people
  • Save 36,138 gallons of water
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 7,835 lbs!

These numbers may sound difficult to exceed but it can be as easy as shopping with reusable bags or using tupperware instead of Ziploc bags. Walk that extra block to find a blue bin and don't just throw away something that can be turned new again into a trash bin. What are you doing in your every day life that is eco? We would love to hear it!


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