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Why Sustainable and Purposeful Corporate Holiday Gifts Should be on Your List

Around this time last year, business holiday planning and corporate holiday gifts looked a lot different.

Busy holiday parties. In-person Secret Santa exchanges. Crowded Boxing Day line-ups.

This year, people are going out less, canceling group plans or downsizing their guest lists, and chatting more online. At the same time, people are realizing that they needed to slow down and focus on giving back. They are looking for ways to create more moments of joy and connection.

Corporate gift-giving is still needed, maybe even more so than in previous years.

Saying “thank you” to employees, customers, clients, stakeholders, and partners demonstrates thoughtfulness, readiness, and reliability.

Now’s not the time to give up, now’s the time to give more, and in the right way. Spending budgets for the holidays might be tighter for many, but expensive gifts aren’t necessarily what people are looking for right now.

Infographic with statitics and facts about how purpose driven corporate gifts are growing in demand.
Sources: 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Study2020 IBM Survey2020 Zeno study

If you’re looking for holiday business gifts that are sustainable and purposeful, consider seed paper products that grow plants

Botanical PaperWorks seed paper is made out of 100% paper waste recycled from schools and other organizations. The embedded wildflower, herb, and vegetable seeds are approved for purity and safe planting in the US, Canada, and many other countries. The wildflowers support important pollinators that contribute to biodiversity and the health of our planet.

Seed paper also goes well with messages around saying thank you, encouraging others to keep growing, spreading hope, and promoting wellness, which is perfect for the 2020 holiday season.

Here are a few popular seed paper corporate holiday gift ideas:

Plantable Herb Garden Eco Calendars

plantable calendars with embedded herb seeds that grow

Give clients, customers and employees something to look forward to throughout the year with this special eco-friendly promotional desk calendar filled with 6 sheets of tri-herb seed paper (basil, parsley & oregano). The back and front cover are made from 100% recycled paper, and the tent frame makes it easy to display wherever they’re working.

Season’s Greenings Sprout Pencil With Basil Seed Paper

An eco-friendly plantable pencil and seed paper sleeve corporate gift that will grow into basil!

Doubling as an office item and herb garden starter, this pencil grows fresh basil when it’s planted end-down in a pot of soil after use. How’s that for a holiday business gift alternative to a plastic pen that runs out of ink and ends up in the trash? The sleeve is also embedded with basil seeds for more chances to start growing.

Seeds ‘n’ Greetings Herb Seed Sprouter Kit

Give a festive corporate gift that grows a blend of herbs with this biodegradable seed paper grow kit!

Want to give a plantable gift that goes above and beyond? These grow kits come complete with herb-embedded seed paper wrapping, biodegradable rice pot, and PREMIUM COCO COIR wafer inside that expands to 7 times its volume when you add water and have added nutrients to make sure the sprouts stay healthy. All these holiday business gifts need are some time, attention, water and sunlight.

Personalized Plantable Journal

plantable seed paper journals for business holiday gifts with a chevron design

Self-care jumped higher in the priorities list this year, with everything going on. Turn corporate gifting into a chance to encourage some healthy journalling of thoughts and feelings with this sleek Premium 3D Chevron Personalized Plantable Journal with a plantable cover embedded with wildflower seeds.

Plantable Holiday Petal Gift Card Holders

Plantable Holiday Petal Gift Card Holders are sustainable corporate holiday gifts that open up like a blooming flower and grow real flowers!

Folded into a petalled-shape that opens like a blossom, this festive card holder grows into real wildflowers when planted. Add your gift card, logo, URL, and a personalized message inside, then get ready for your recipient to be cheerfully surprised.

There are a few benefits to choosing seed paper for your holiday business gifts

  • Creating a memorable experience for your recipients and giving them the tools to start gardening — The paper is infused with 6 different wildflower seeds that bloom when given proper water, sunlight, and soil. Each seed paper sheet is tested for germination rates at our facilities to make sure the wildflowers bloom.
  • Supporting eco-friendly, green values — The paper is made of recycled paper waste from schools, businesses, and other organizations.
  • Customizing your design — Choose and print your logo, artwork, and branding for any of the seed paper items in our business and promo catalog.
  • Gaining positive word-of-mouth and brand likeability – Has been tested for germination rates, so they really do grow. Those who have never heard of or seen seed paper before will be excited to plant your card. They may also share their plant growing process with friends and family, which is a bonus promotion for your brand.
  • Making an impression — Each sheet of seed paper has a different textured look from the rest, which makes it look different than other mail.
  • Ordering from a Canadian-based company with Canadian-made products — As a supplier and manufacturer, all of our products are made, assembled and shipped out our warehouse in Winnipeg, MB from start to finish. That means we don’t have supply chain problems and can answer all your questions about seed paper. And quick turnarounds, as little as 3 day

Gift-giving helps you stay top-of-mind in your business relationships. Being thoughtful, giving what you can, and choosing gifts that are purposeful and eco-friendly will benefit you in the long run.

seed paper business promotional products

Browse seed paper products to plan a mail-out for your event to generate hype and buzz for your event. Learn more about how you can incorporate eco-friendly seed paper into your next corporate promotion by subscribing to our newsletter and downloading our Seed Paper Promotions Catalog.


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