10 Ways To Preserve & Reuse Wedding Flowers

For the amount you pay for your #wedding flowers, it only makes sense to keep them to transform them into something beautiful! From flower confetti to creating exquisite jewelry from dried petals, take a look at these 10 ways to reuse & preserve wedding flowers.

From the moment you finally find your dream bouquet on Pinterest to the much-anticipated consultation with your chosen wedding florist, most brides have a special connection with their floral arrangements. While many details go into creating the perfect picture of bridal beauty and the dreamy decor, one of the most eye-catching elements are the carefully selected blooms inside the fresh bouquets and table arrangements. Since wedding flowers are typically a large part of the wedding budget, it would be a shame to just toss them after the big day. In fact, according to this article from Slice.ca, the average Canadian couple spends $1,343 on floral decorations and arrangements! Give them a second life and savour those precious blooms to get the most from your flowers.

Transform your wedding flowers into something beautiful & meaningful

If you’re getting married soon and you’d like to find a way to let the beauty and meaning of your wedding flowers live on, we’ve created a listed of some of the most unique ways to reuse your gorgeous blooms. Whether you re-purpose them in the form of confetti or a charitable donation or you preserve them into a piece of artwork or jewlery, we’ve included five unique sets of ideas for both preserving and reusing wedding flowers to give you lots of inspiration.

Ways to Preserve Wedding Flowers:

Create DIY Jewelry:

Take a look at this post to see 10 ways to reuse and preserve your #wedding flowers!

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No matter what kind of embellishments you wear on your wedding day, your most beautiful accessory is definitely your gorgeous bouquet. Instead of parting with the eye-catching blooms after the big day, keep some of the flower petals and use them to create an elegant piece of jewelry. By simply drying out the petals for a few weeks, you’ll be able to preserve the color and shape so it’ll look gorgeous inside of a necklace or pendant. Whenever you wear your special piece of jewelry, you’ll be reminded of the most beautiful day of your life.

Frame Your Bouquet:

Getting #married soon? Find out 10 ways to reuse & preserve your #wedding flowers.

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Instead of tossing your wedding bouquet at the end of the big day, hold onto it and use it to create an eye-catching piece of artwork in your home. By simply drying out the flowers, you’ll be able to place the entire bouquet (ribbons and all!) into a deep shadow box and include it on your walls as you would with any other art print. Not only will it remind you of your wedding day whenever you look at it, but it also makes a fantastic conversation piece with guests!

Create An iPhone Case

There are so many ways to reuse and preserve your #wedding flowers! Take a look at this list of 10.

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Since most people take their cellphones with them wherever they go these days, a creative way to bring the beauty of your blooms with you every day is to create a case with dried pieces inside. To make one of these, simply press a few of your favorite stems inside a large book and leave them out to dry for at least seven days. Once they’ve dried, you can glue them on the backside of a white iPhone case and add a clear resin on top to keep them from being damaged. Once the resin has dried completely, check to see if any pieces of the flowers haven’t been evenly coated and add more if necessary.

Create A Dried Flower Wreath Keepsake

How beautiful is this #flowerwreath? Take a look at 10 more ways to reuse and preserve your #wedding flowers.

Found on Pinterest via frenchcountrycottage.com

If love the look of vintage decor, creating a wreath with some of your dried wedding flowers will preserve them in a beautiful way while adding a meaningful touch of elegance to your home. To make a sturdy wreath, you’ll need to dry your flowers with an air drying method or using silica gel place them on a metal wire with a hot glue gun. Once it’s finished, sure to place the wreath somewhere high and out-of-reach so it doesn’t get bumped or touched too much – those flowers are precious and delicate!

Create An Art Print

Find out how easy it is to create an art print with your #wedding flowers + see 9 more ways to reuse and #preserve them!

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A perfect craft for people of all skill levels, all you need to do to make one is to completely dry your wedding flowers with regular air-drying or with a silica gel. It’s important to make sure they’re 100% dry so you don’t contain any moisture inside of the frame. Once they’re dry, you can place them on top of a clear piece of card stock to really make the colors pop. When it’s arranged in a way that you love, place the glass on top and it’s ready to frame!

Ways To Reuse Wedding Flowers:

Donate Them

Donating your wedding flowers is a great way to reuse them. See more ideas here!

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You and your loved ones are bound to appreciate the beauty of your wedding flowers and when you donate after the big day, even more people enjoy them. Whether you choose a hospital, hospice, homeless shelter, nursing home or another kind of organization, your kind gesture will ensure that these special floral arrangements will bring a smile to the faces of people who need it most. And if that isn’t enough incentive, donating will make the florist bill tax deductible!

Bring Them To A Gravesite

Instead of tossing your beautiful wedding flowers into the trash after your big day, transform them into something special with these 10 ways to preserve and reuse #wedding flowers.

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While weddings are filled with joy, love and hope, there can be moments of sadness when you think about loved ones who has passed away. If you’re looking for a way to share your special day with them, bringing your floral arrangements to their gravestone after the wedding is a heartwarming and symbolic idea. Not only will this brighten up their resting place with the beautifully designed bouquets, but you’ll have a chance to let them know that although their physical presence wasn’t at the wedding, their heart and spirit could be felt by everyone there.

Make A Fresh Flower Wreath

How beautiful is this #flowerwreath? Take a look at 10 more ways to reuse and preserve your #wedding flowers.

Found on Pinterest via laurenconrad.com

Your home decor should be special items like photographs and trinkets that make your space feel warm, comforting and pleasing to the eye and since few things are more beautiful than colorful florals, using your wedding flowers to make a charming wreath is a fantastic idea. To make one, all you’ll need are your dried flowers, some greenery, a hot glue gun and a wire for the frame. With some patience and a little creative magic, you can create a flower wreath that’ll make your home even more beautiful and meaningful.

Use Them As Game Prizes

Make the beauty of your wedding #flowers live on with these 10 ideas to preserve and reuse them.

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When it comes to planning your wedding entertainment, few things get guests more exciting and energetic than games with fantastic prizes. Instead of purchasing additional products for the winners, use your beautifully designed table arrangements as the special prize. Since you’ll probably have way more arrangements to take home yourself, it only makes sense to give them to your loved ones to enjoy instead of letting them wilt while you’re on your honeymoon. Keep in mind that some florists rent out their vases for weddings and expect to have them returned so be sure you discuss this before giving the entire arrangement away.

Flower Petal Toss

Getting married soon? Take a look at these 10 ways to reuse and preserve your #weddingflowers.

Found on Pinterest via southernweddings.com

We’ve all heard of guests tossing rice as a way to celebrate a married couple as they begin their new life together, but have you ever considered using flower petals from your own floral arrangements? A creative and more eco-friendly alternative, this will work best at the end of of the reception so your bridesmaids (or any helpful family members) will have a chance to take the petals off the stems of the flower arrangements. Once you and your spouse are ready to leave for the evening, your guests will be able to toss the petals so you find yourselves in a beautifully fragrant flower shower!

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