8 Ways To Enjoy Succulents

Brighten your home and garden with these lovely plants that have so much going for them. Besides the fact that succulents are simply stunning, they are also super easy to care for and are stronger than other plants and flowers. They retain water so they can withstand those hot dry days in the sun better than floral arrangements and look just as good, if not better!

Here a few ways to enjoy these beautiful plants

Beautiful succulent centrepiece.
Found on Pinterest via www.ohsopretty

Plant your succulents in a rustic container for a centerpiece that is unique and elegant.

Loving these succulents in vintage vases.
Found on Pinterest via indulgy.com

These vintage vases perfectly complement the color of the juicy succulents.

Heart shaped planter of succulents.
Found on Pinterest via etsy.com

This colorful mix is a lovely way to symbolize your growing love.

Add succulents to your floral bouquet for some extra punch.
Found on Pinterest

Adding succulents to your bouquet adds interest and contrast to the more delicate florals.

Plant succulents in letter shapes. What will you spell?
Found on Pinterest via houseandfig.com

These letter shaped planters filled with lush succulents are just plain beautiful. What will you spell?

Admire succulents in the these adorable terrariums.
Found on Pinterest via etsy.com

Terrariums are a great way to admire the beauty of these plants and decorate your home or office.

These lovely succulent favors are perfect for a rustic yard wedding.
Found on Pinterest via blovedweddings.com

Tiny succulents in rustic jars make for an interesting wedding favor that will delight your guests.

Arranged succulents in a wreath for summer decor.
Found on Pinterest via etsy.com

This lush wreath of succulents is perfect for your summer decor.

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