{case study} How Promosapien Used Seed Paper Matchbooks to Leave a Lasting Impression

In today’s eco-conscious world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to promote their brand while staying true to their environmental values. Promosapien, a Vancouver-based promotional products company, found a solution to this challenge with seed paper matchbooks from Botanical PaperWorks. Seed paper promotions not only helped the company achieve its objectives but also left a lasting impression on its target audience.


Promosapien’s primary goal was to increase brand awareness and foster affinity among entrepreneurs in Vancouver. They aimed to showcase their commitment to sustainability while offering a product that aligned with their clientele’s values.

The target audience comprised approximately 250 entrepreneurs in Vancouver. These individuals were attending a networking event where Promosapien saw an opportunity to make a meaningful connection.


Seed paper emerged as the perfect choice for several reasons. Not only is it an eco-friendly choice, but it also has seasonal appeal for an event held in early spring. Additionally, the large imprint area allowed for prominent branding and messaging, all at a relatively low cost.

The seed paper matchbooks are embedded with herb seeds and were strategically distributed at the networking event. Placing the product directly into the hands of their target audience ensured maximum exposure and engagement.


The promotion yielded tangible results for Promosapien. Firstly, it significantly increased brand awareness among the targeted demographic. By offering a unique, sustainable, and highly customizable product, Promosapien showcased their innovative approach to promotional branding. The seed paper matchbooks served as a tangible example of the company’s values, leaving a memorable impression on recipients.

“This was the perfect item for a self-promo giveaway for this event. It aligns with our company values of prioritizing sustainable and high quality products, and it allowed us a huge imprint area that allowed us to include our logo and website, as well as highlight our partnership with veritree.”
– Christa Legge-Tasic

Promosapien’s use of seed paper matchbooks exemplifies the power of innovative, eco-friendly promotional products in driving brand awareness and affinity. By aligning with their target audience’s values and delivering a memorable experience, Promosapien successfully distinguished themselves in a crowded market, setting a benchmark for sustainable branding initiatives.


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