Plantable seed paper coaster gifts for Frame of Mind Coaching's online event

{case study} Frame of Mind Coaching™ Virtual Event With Seed Paper Coasters


  • Organize an engaging online event for its leadership and coaching training program.
  • Send participants a gift with materials they’d need, plus a bunch of goodies.

Strategy and Execution

Frame of Mind Coaching™ (FOM) is a coaching methodology that helps executives, business owners, and industry leaders achieve their goals. The program examines participants’ thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences, so they overcome their obstacles and find joy in the process. FOM values generosity, intimacy, leadership, personal development, and integrity. The organization has worked with various international businesses including Microsoft, Honda, and PINK Victoria’s Secret.

FOM Coaching included plantable seed paper coasters to go with coffee mugs in their gift packages for participants across North America. The overarching principle of FOM Coaching is “what you focus on grows,” meaning that focusing attention on the good in life tends to make the good show up more. Seed paper is a great metaphor for that principle as it grows into flowers with proper care and attention. The seed paper coasters are also quite durable, making them a practical gift that participants can continue to use, reminding them of their time spent with FOM Coaching and that they can start planting whenever they choose to.

“Working with Botanical PaperWorks was a breeze! They were super responsive – they sent us a digital proof of the product within a day of placing our order, and they made sure we had our products well before our event. The finished product is high-quality and looks great.”

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