Why This Award-Winning Artist Chose Seed Paper Business Cards

Chelsey Thiessen is an award-winning visual artist (BMO 1st Artist Award 2017) who specializes in creating art that blends various media such as textiles, ceramics, and print media. Her work reflects her interest in exploring the relationship between that which is handmade and technologically reproduced.

Whether accompanying her works in galleries across the country or as something to give out to those interested in her art, Thiessen wanted a business card that truly represented her values. She chose Botanical PaperWorks seed paper business cards because “seed paper adds a handmade quality to the cards, which is something I also value in my work.” She needed a business card that would not only provide her crucial contact information but one that can also work in tandem with her stunning creations.

Chelsey not only looked for impact and synchronicity in her business cards, but she also believes that “getting cards that are made locally, that are eco-friendly, and can have a second life are all things that made Botanical PaperWorks a great choice.” To add a pop of color, she chose cornflower blue seed paper. Each card will grow into wildflowers when planted in soil and leave no waste behind.

If you’re interested in Chelsey’s work, find her artwork on display at Freshair Boutique in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Online, you can find her work at www.chelseythiessen.com and follow her on Instagram @chelseybwt.


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