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{crafts} How to Wax Seal with Dried Flowers

If you want to make your invitations extra special for your wedding day, you can’t go wrong with a wax seal. Take it to the next level in this how-to by adding dried wildflowers, vellum paper wrapping, and string. Paired with seed paper that grows wildflowers, it’s a perfect match that looks like it came straight out of a storybook.

Sending a wax-sealed letter has a sophisticated, nostalgic quality to it. You’ll feel you’ve traveled back in time with wax sealing, which has been around for centuries. Imagine yourself as royalty living in a castle or a person living in the country-side who rides horse carriages into town.

Wax sealing keeps making a comeback as a trendy way to decorate wedding invitations, probably because of the personalized and somewhat magical look and feel. In the past, sealing was made out of bendy beeswax, turpentine, and vermillion. These days sealing wax is made of sturdier materials to last longer and get past the mailing process.

Watch the video to see how to wax seal with dried wildflowers or view the tutorial below.

Here’s what you’ll need 

  • A pack of sealing wax (whatever color you prefer)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Superglue (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing thread
  • Paper cutter
  • Wax seal stamps
  • Tea light candle
  • Wax melting spoon or 1/2 tsp measuring spoon
  • 1 pack of vellum paper
  • Dried wildflowers

Note: If you’re making these for the first time, or you’re making a lot of invitations, get extra sealing wax. Each stick will yield about 4 seals.

First: Dry the wildflowers

Step 1: Pick wildflowers with small petals, which will dry easier. Remove the petals onto a sheet of paper. Fold the wildflower petals in the paper and a piece of paper towel. Place in the microwave under a glass with a flat bottom.

Step 2: Microwave for 30-second increments until dried. Check on the wildflowers after each 30-second round to make sure they don’t burn. Pull them out once they appear flatter and smaller.

drying wildflowers in the microwave

Step 1: Place the bowl of ice, stamps, dried wildflowers, sealing wax sticks, and meaning spoon within reach. Light the candle.

Step 2: Melt the wax in the spoon a centimeter above, not inside, the flame. Wait a few minutes until the spoon is nearly full.

Tip: Melting in a spoon gives you more control over the pouring process. Lighting the wick of the wax seal may cause a big flame, overheating the wax, which may discolor the white wax to brown.

Note: Melting in a spoon is the traditional method. You could also use wax seal glue gun sticks or buy pre-made self-adhesive wax seals.

Warming the sealing wax with metal measuring spoon over a candle

Step 3: Push the candle away to prevent burning the wax. Keep holding the spoon with melted wax. Grab the wax seal stamper with the other hand. Place the stamp on ice. Dab the stamp on some paper towel to remove moisture.

Note: This process helps create a cleaner impression of the design on your wax seals.

Cooling a wax seal stamper on ice

Step 4: Pour the wax gently onto the baking sheet, staying steady to form a circular shape. Sprinkle dried wildflowers on top. Press firm, not hard, onto the wax with the chilled stamp. Wait 3-5 seconds until the wax is dry to the touch. Pull the stamp off gently.

Note: Don’t worry about making your stamp perfectly circular. Each stamp will have its unique appearance, and the organic edging is what gives the stamps personality.

Adding dried flower to wax seal stamp

Step 5: Cut a 2-inch wide, 8-inch long strip of vellum paper. Wrap the strip around the invite evenly. Wrap the edges toward the back. Hot glue the ends together.

cutting vellum paper for wedding invites

Step 6: Measure about 25 inches of string. Cut the string. Wrap the string around the invite’s vellum wrapping 3 times. Tie the string into a bow.

wax seal wedding invite with vellum wrapping paper

Step 7: Repeat steps 1 to 4, this time pouring the wax seal directly on the vellum wrapping and tied string. Wax seal any other wedding stationery that you want to add a personal touch to such as envelopes, save-the-date cards, or favors as pictured below.

Note: If you’re making over 100 invitations, you might want to make all your wax seals ahead of time, especially if this is your first-time wax sealing. In that case, make all your wax seals on baking paper, then superglue the seals on your invites. Do not use hot glue on your wax seals as that will melt them.

Here are 3 ways to use wax seals:

1) On wedding invitation belly bands

wax seal with dried wildflowers on seed paper wedding invite

2) On wedding favors such as these Plantable Heart Note Favor

Was seal seed paper wedding favors with dried flowers

3) To seal envelopes

Seed paper wedding invitations with a was sealed envelope

Wax seals are a romantic, sophisticated touch to add to your wedding invites. Making them will bring you back in time, and your guests will love the vintage look. If you’re looking for products that go perfectly with these wax seals, check out these seed paper wedding invitations and plantable wedding favors. Botanical PaperWorks has dozens of designs to choose from, and they all grow wildflowers when planted.

Learn more about this special paper made by Botanical PaperWorks that uses post-consumer materials and is embedded with seeds so that it will grow when planted!

You can buy seed paper sheets for eco-friendly papercraft projects from Botanical PaperWorks. We have a variety of seed options, including wildflower, herb and veggie, and over 25 seed paper colors. Join our mailing list to receive emails with freebies, projects, coupons, green living tips, and decor ideas and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest


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