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{crafts} Seed Paper Flowers For Eco-friendly Party Decorations

There is a reason flowers are the decoration of choice for most special events. They are colorful, inviting, pretty, and will make almost any room feel extra special. Fresh flowers, however, aren’t always the easiest and most budget-friendly decorations to work with, especially if you want to decorate a wall or entranceway. Paper flowers are a beautiful and fun way to capture the effect of luscious flowers without breaking the bank. Plus, they won’t die on you when setting up for your event.

If you’re a crafty type who enjoys working with your hands to make something beautiful, you’ll love making these paper flowers. They are easy and look amazing when secured to a wall for a bright pop of color. To reduce waste and keep this project eco-friendly, we used seed paper. An eco-friendly paper that is biodegradable and grows real flowers when planted! That’s right, after your event you can plant the seed paper flowers in soil so that no waste will be left behind.

Here’s what you need:

  • Several 11 x 17 seed paper sheets in the colors of your choice
    (We used aqua, lavender, and hot pink)
  • Some black cardstock or construction paper
  • Glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Note: In this tutorial, you’ll make 2 bunches of petals for each seed paper flower. One smaller and one larger. The small with go on top of the larger one for a nice luscious-looking flower.

Learn how to make these seed paper flowers for eco-friendly party decorations.

Step 1: For the smaller flowers, divide the 11″ x 17″ seed paper sheets into sixteenths using a ruler and pencil and cut out the rectangles. For the larger size, we made rectangles that were 3.5″ x 9.5″. You will get about four per 11 x 17 sheet, but there will be a bit of excess paper trimmings. Don’t worry we have a fun plan for those at the end of this post!

Step 2: Using a pencil, draw the shape shown above onto each of the rectangles and cut the seed paper to that shape. Be sure to save the excess paper trimmings for later.

Step 3: Put a dab of glue on the bottom left of the wide end of the petal shape and roll the right side underneath it to secure it. Repeat for all your petals.

Learn how to make these seed paper flowers for eco-friendly party decorations.

Step 4. Separate your small and large petals into piles and assemble your flowers by gluing each petal to the next (same sized petal) in a clockwise direction until your flowers come together as shown above.

Step 5. Draw and cut out a few of the shape shown above (as many as you need) from your black cardstock and glue it to the middle of your smaller flower.

Step 6. Glue the smaller flower on top of the larger flower. Repeat for as many flowers as you can make with the supplies you have.

These paper flowers are made with seed paper so that you can plant after to grow real flowers!

That’s it! Now all you have to do is secure them to a wall, overlapping the bottom petals and colors to create a luscious look. They are a great background for photos and the seed paper nice and sturdy, so they will last a long time if you want to leave them up for summer decor.

Make confetti from the excess paper clippings

Make seed confetti with the excess paper clipping when crafting with seed paper so nothing goes to waste!

Don’t waste the extra seed paper trimmings; if you cut them up into small pieces you can make Eco Confetti to toss at the event and decorate table settings! That way, nothing goes to waste, and you get even more decorations from this project.

We hope you enjoyed this seed paper flowers tutorial. Happy Planting!

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