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{DIY} All Natural Body Scrub Favors For Eco-friendly Weddings

When planning an eco-friendly wedding, it’s important to choose details and decor that are sustainable and earth-friendly. Wedding favors are a beautiful way to thank your guests, but they can often create a lot of waste if they are left behind or aren’t used. By choosing favors that are natural, useful and don’t leave waste behind, you can be sure you’re staying true to your green values. If you’re getting married and would like to make your own natural and eco-friendly wedding favors, you’ll love this DIY body scrub idea. Not only are they eco-friendly, creative and unique, but they are also homemade to add a personal touch to thank each and every guest.

Guests will love using the eco-friendly wedding favors and planting the seed paper tag to grow a garden of wildflowers!

This simple 3-ingredient body scrub is all-natural, chemical-free, non-irritating and completely organic. Made with coconut oil, sugar and 100% pure eucalyptus oil, it combines beautifully to become a rich exfoliator that guests can use daily to keep their skin soft and supple. According to Prevention, coconut oil provides a wide range of benefits as it’s moisturizing, naturally anti-biotic and anti-fungal and it adds a luxurious shine to the skin. In addition, the eucalyptus provides its own health benefits including easing joint and muscle pain, deterring summer bugs and is great for chest de-congestion.

With a fresh and clean fragrance, all of your guests will be able to pamper themselves with your eco-friendly wedding favors. Incredibly budget-friendly, you can buy simple glass jars as the dollar store and craft store to save even more money. To get more use out of them after, you can encourage guests to keep the jars to reuse for jams, honey or other preserves.

To make them extra special and eco-friendly, we’ve created a stylish tag that you can print on wildflower seed paper. Or if you’d rather something different, you could use herb seed paper to grow basil, parsley, dill or a fragrant tri-herb blend.

Download The Free Printable Seed Paper Tags!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

3-Ingredient Body Scrub | Find out how to make eco-friendly wedding favors with coconut oil, eucalyptus oil + sugar. #ecofriendlyweddings #ecofriendlyweddingfavors #DIY #bodyscrub

Making the DIY Body Scrub:

3-Ingredient Body Scrub | You can make eco-friendly wedding favors in just a few simple steps. #ecofriendlyweddings #ecofriendlyweddingfavors #DIY #bodyscrub
Step 1) Measure the organic coconut oil and scoop it into a bowl. For easy mixing, make sure the oil is at room temperature.

Step 2) Measure the sugar and mix with the coconut oil. To avoid messes, add it one cup at a time.

Step 3) Mix well. If you’d prefer a thicker texture for better exfoliation, feel free to add more sugar.

Step 4) Add 5-10 drops of the eucalyptus extract to the oil and sugar mixture.

Note: Keep in mind that since 100% pure eucalyptus oil is highly concentrated, you might find that you’d rather less than the amount we used. For this reason, we recommend adding a few drops at a time, smelling the mixture and then deciding whether you want more or not.

Done! Now simply scoop the well-combined mixture into your wedding favor jars, seal with the lid and attach the seed paper tags with twine. It couldn’t be easier!

3-Ingredient Body Scrub | Easy-to-make eco-friendly wedding favors with a free printable seed paper tag. #ecofriendlyweddings #ecofriendlyweddingfavors #DIY #bodyscrub
Created with recycled post-consumer materials, wildflower seed paper is a beautiful way to add more eco charm into your wedding. The paper is embedded with a blend of seven seeds that blossom when planted in a pot or garden. When guests take their seed paper tags home, they can grow a colorful blend of Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly and Snapdragon. In addition, you could also choose the herb seed paper to give guests the opportunity to grow fresh and organic ingredients for fresh summer recipes. When the paper composts away, your guests will be left with a beautiful garden as an additional gift and lasting memento.

Shop Plantable Seed Paper!

Plant Love | Seed Paper Wedding Stationery

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Let the memory of your special day live on and GROW with eco-friendly seed paper wedding invitations, seal and send wedding invitationsreply cards, menus, favors, seal and send wedding invitations and more! Each plantable piece is available in a variety of colors and designs. All printed on quality eco-friendly seed paper that grows flowers when planted.

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