3 diy wedding backdrops: paper flowers, macrame hanging, origami birds

DIY Eco-friendly Wedding Backdrops

Feeling inspired to create your wedding decor? Handy with crafts? Want to have an eco-friendly wedding? Then these DIY eco-friendly wedding backdrops are for you. They make for a great ceremony aisle centerpiece, eye-catching display behind the reception table, or main photo booth background.

The DIY wedding backdrop ideas below are made with sustainable, recyclable, or reusable material.

That way, you’ll add flair to your wedding while still being green.

With a little planning, creativity, and resourcefulness, you’ll build a statement piece that shows off your personality in a way that says you love nature. We even included ways to incorporate seed paper, so you can grow wildflowers from your backdrop after the wedding!

Recycled Fabric Streamers Backdrop

recycled fabric streamers DIY wedding backdrop
(Found on pinterest via weddingchicks.com (left) and rockmywedding.co.uk (right))

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, hang a clothesline or rope between trees. Then cut, drape, and pin the recycled fabric to create a billowing backdrop. Get creative with where you get the fabric: from old curtains to dresses to picnic blankets. Learn how to make one yourself on littlemissmomma.com.

Dried Floral Mandala Backdrop

dried floral mandala DIY wedding backdrop
(Found on pinterest via confettidaydreams.com)

Both a backdrop and an art piece, this whimsical background is perfect for an earthy wedding theme. Either forage for florals and twigs yourself or work with a local florist to source and dry florals together. Search for reclaimed wood slabs at a local farm, classifield, or supplier. Some contractors will even give away wood they no longer need, just offer to pick up the wood yourself.

Reclaimed Wood Triangles Backdrop

reclaimed wooden triangles DIY wedding backdrop
(Found on pinterest via weddingcolors.net)

With some scraps of plywood and time in the workshop, this triangular background works both as a backdrop and shelving. You can add your candles and potted plants from home to save on fresh floral accents.

Hanging Macrame Backdrop

hanging macrame DIY wedding backdrop
(Found on pinterest via ruffledblog.com (left) and miasylvia.co.uk (right))

Either make this yourself if you’re crafty or source macrame pieces from makers that use recycled cotton and yarns. Tie the macrame over a recycled wood arch, or hang it from a wall, and voila! Add local, in-season florals, or go without—this piece works with or without it.

Hanging Eucalyptus Backdrop

hanging eucalyptus DIY wedding backdrop
(Found on pinterest via inspiredbythis.com (left) and blog.freethepeople.com (right))

To create this standout piece, all you need is a slab of scrap wood or a fallen branch, twine, hooks, and eucalyptus branches. Use it as a wall-hanging backdrop and/or as a chandelier above the tablescapes. Eucalyptus also keeps well when dried, so repurpose it after as home decor.

Recyled Paper Flower Arch Backdrop

paper flowers DIY wedding backdrop
(Found on pinterest via theknot.com)

Instead of a fresh flower arch, make colorful flowers of your own out of recycled paper or seed paper. Find a few tutorials for DIY seed paper flowers on our blog.

Origami Birds Backdrop

origami birds DIY wedding backdrop
(Found on pinterest via weddingwire.com)

Dreamy and sweet, these little birds are an easy way to decorate your wedding without a lot of materials. Get creative with recycled paper, from newspapers to magazines, or seed paper.

Hanging Triangles Garland Backdrop

hanging paper triangles DIY wedding backdrop
(Found on pinterest via whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com)

Cut out triangles from recycled paper or seed paper, then sting them together with some glue to create a geometric, modern backdrop. Play with different colors to match your wedding palette.

Learn more about this special paper made by Botanical PaperWorks that uses post-consumer materials and is embedded with seeds so that it will grow when planted!

You can buy seed paper sheets for eco-friendly papercraft projects from Botanical PaperWorks. We have a variety of seed options, including wildflower, herb and veggie, and over 25 seed paper colors. Join our mailing list to receive emails with freebies, projects, coupons, green living tips, and decor ideas and follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest


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