Plantable Pumpkin Notepad Craft DIY

Easy Halloween Craft: DIY Plantable Pumpkin Notepad

We are back this week with another easy Halloween craft – a DIY Plantable Pumpkin Notepad. This craft is fun for the whole family, and perfect for a mess-free craft at an upcoming Halloween party!

Inspired by The Village Family Magazine, this plantable pumpkin notepad is an easy Halloween craft that’s both eco-friendly and useful too! Kids will love being able to draw their own creative jack-o-lantern faces on the front, and can then use their notepads to write down all their spooky halloween ideas (including what they’re going to do for tricks and treats, of course).

What You’ll Need:

  • Plantable Seed Paper (Burnt orange makes GREAT pumpkins!)
  • Post-consumer White Paper, or recycled paper from your home office misprints
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Pipe Cleaner (Green, Brown, or Black)
  • Black Marker

How to Make It:
1. Trace two circles onto a sheet of seed paper with your marker. Use any circular object around the house to trace – a bowl, tin can, whatever size you’d like it to be. Use the same circle to trace multiple circles onto the inside sheets of paper.
2. Cut out the circles, stack them together, and punch one hole through the top.
3. Feed the pipe cleaner through the hole and twist to make the stem and vines on top.
4. Use the black marker to draw your most creative pumpkin faces!
5. Doodle, plan, and use your new plantable pumpkin notepad for all your Halloween plans.
6. When your notepad is full and Halloween is over, plant your seed paper pumpkin face and grow wildflowers!

Have fun, and keep watching the blog this week as we have another great pumpkin craft lined up to show you!


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