Eco-Friendly Holiday Tips from Our Team

‘Tis the season to be jolly and eco-conscious! As we celebrate the holidays, it’s essential to be mindful of our environmental impact when spreading cheer. Here are a few ways some of our team members try to be more sustainable throughout the holiday season to inspire you to make memories while also cherishing our Earth.

Jean, Production Supervisor

Paper Bag Gift Wrap

This year, Jean is using paper bags as wrapping for her gifts. Opting for reusable or recyclable alternatives not only reduces waste but it also adds a personal touch to your gifts. 

Rachel, Outside Sales Representative

Second Life Gift Wrap

On the topic of wrapping, Rachel does some eco-friendly wrapping as well. She keeps gift bags, tissue paper, ribbon, and wrapping paper to wrap gifts the following year. Giving those things a second or third life is a great way to minimize waste. 

Kyla, Marketing Coordinator 


Kyla loves to carpool with family and friends to get to holiday celebrations. Whether it’s a neighborhood away or across the city, she offers to drive to save on gas emissions with the bonus of spending more time with the people closest to her.

Kayla, Executive Assistant

Eliminate Food Waste

Kayla and her family strive to be zero waste, so every meal (especially around the holidays) is planned and a shopping list is created. Doing this helps her to only buy what is needed, and any leftovers are repurposed to make meals for the following days. 

In addition to that, her family uses last year’s holiday cards as gift tags for this year’s gifts. This reduces waste and allows for more people to enjoy holiday cards for years to come.

Kelly, Design & Marketing Manager

Shopping Locally

Each year, Kelly buys whatever gifts she can locally rather than ordering online. Shopping locally has so many benefits: you’ll be supporting local makers and retailers, paying less for shipping, and giving unique gifts to your loved ones. In addition, shopping locally reduces emissions that may be created during shipping and it reduces packaging that is used in the shipping process. What’s not to love?

Lea, Sustainability Officer

Sustainable Gifting, Staycations, & Natural Decor

In addition to all these amazing eco-friendly tips, our sustainability officer, Lea wanted to add a few extras idea that we all can do this upcoming holiday season. 

Sustainable gifting could be anything from thrifted gifts, gifting an experience, or donating to your favorite charity. All of these ideas minimize waste while maintaining meaningful excitement. 

Staycations: instead of flying south for the winter, try exploring a little closer to home. That doesn’t mean missing out on fun or relaxation. This could include a lux hotel stay, spa time or trying a new winter sport. There are many ways to wind down at the end of the year that can reduce carbon emissions. 

Lastly, be mindful when choosing your decorations. The best decorations are the ones you already have. But if you need more, opt for handmade or natural decor. Greenery and dried citrus are simple yet beautiful ways to add festive cheer.

This holiday season, let’s embrace a green mindset and make choices that benefit both our loved ones and the planet. By incorporating these eco-friendly practices, you can enjoy a festive and sustainable celebration that leaves a positive impact on the environment.


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