{free printable} Wedding Toast Do's and Don'ts

{free printable} Wedding Toast Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding speeches can make or break your wedding.

Great wedding speeches celebrate the bride and groom and create lasting memories filled with love and laughter. Nothing brings the room together like a heartfelt toast from the best man or a tear-jerker from the maid of honor. On the flipside, terrible wedding speeches can overshadow the rest of the festivities. From awkward teenage stories to ex-girlfriend comparisons and speech marathons, a bad speech can change the momentum of the night. Ensure your wedding guests remember your speeches for the right reasons. Follow our simple wedding speech tips below and you’ll avoid the most common mistakes.

{free printable} Wedding Toast Do's and Don'ts - Ensure your wedding guests remember your speeches for the right reasons.

If you can’t see the infographic, here is it in point form:


Be your amazing self; you were chosen for a reason!

Be brief, but not too brief. Keep your speech under 5 minutes long or talk to the bride and groom about a recommended time frame.

Be inclusive. Mention both the bride and groom.

Help the couple say thanks. Be appreciative of anyone and everyone.

Be funny. Good, clever humor is a beautiful thing.

End with some love. A quick wish for the couple is classic.


Use vulgar language. There may be kids in the audience.

Ramble on about yourself. Introduce yourself, but no life story please.

Mention any exes. It’s not the time nor place for past flings.

Tell inside jokes. Be inclusive and always consider the guests.

Have one too many. Save the bar until after your speech.

Don’t wing it. Bring notes and definitely rehearse.

Do you have any wedding party wildcards to watch out for?

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