Seed Paper Promotional Products

Fresh & Eco-Friendly Self Promotions For Spring

Spring is fast approaching and seed paper that grows wildflowers is the ultimate self promotion for the season. Take a look at these plantable options!

When choosing a self-promotional product, distributors want products that are smart, innovative and incredibly unique. And if there’s one season that’s the perfect time for creative self promos, it’s spring when everything is new and fresh. If you’re looking for products that are unique and creative, seed paper promotions are the best choice you can make. Made from post-consumer materials, the biodegradable paper is embedded with seeds that grow either wildflowers, savoury herbs or fresh vegetables when planted. They’re sustainable products that leave no waste behind, just beauty.

Eco-friendly and fresh, seed paper promotions epitomize springtime and make the ideal self promotions.

These eco-friendly promotional products are also fully customizable – you can create your own artwork for the packaging or you can even use the artwork shown and customize it with your company logo. Whether you’re looking to revamp your image at a conference or event or you simply want to treat clients to plantable products, seed paper promotions are perfect for expressing creativity and corporate sustainability.

Take a look at these products that are the perfect self promotions:

Seed Paper Coins

Seed Paper Coins are the perfect Spring promotions - they're conversation starters and they grow wildflowers!

The money theme is one of the most creative ways to grow your brand and these Seed Paper Coins will be sure to create some buzz when they’re used at an event, meeting or conference. Designed in Canadian and American currencies, these products come with a customizable insert and are wrapped in biodegradable corn plastic bag. Your clients will be impressed by the textured seed paper and be thrilled when they realize they can plant the pretend coins to grow wildflowers.

Seed Paper Bills

Seed Paper Bills are award-winning self promotions that always get conversation buzzing. Available in either $5, $20, and $100 bills, these promotional products are highly customizable so you can get a choice about what kind of style and impact you want to make. Clients and colleagues are always impressed with these creative seed paper products that grow wildflowers.

Seed Paper Matchbooks

Seed Paper Matchbooks are great self promotions for growing your business and clientele!

Give a gift that’s unique and unexpected with award-winning Seed Paper Matchbooks. Available in a variety of sizes and in customizable packs with either wildflower, herb or veggie seeds, the matchbooks are filled with matchsticks that grow when planted in a pot or a garden. Not only will your clients get to grow great green things with this product, but they’ll thrilled to know that the biodegradable paper will compost away and leave no waste behind.

Printed Shapes

Grow great things for your business with these Printed Shapes for self promotions.

Printed Shapes are fun, colourful, unique and make perfect products for self promotion. Completely versatile and customizable, these products are available in 27 colours and a wide range of shapes including trees, butterflies, dollar signs, hearts and animals. Whether used at a trade show, as a unique business card or slipped into envelopes for invoices, these plantable products are sure to be noticed and appreciated as they grow wildflowers when planted in a pot or garden.

Seed Paper Bookmarks

Seed Paper Bookmarks are a creative and sustainable way to distribute self promotions.

Make a lasting impression with these creative, eco-friendly and full-customizable Seed Paper Bookmarks. These products are available as full seed paper prints or you can choose to print on recycled card stock and include a plantable shape to like the Seed Paper Bookmarks with a Slot pictured above. We have dozens of shapes to choose from and over 25 designer paper colors to match your branding.  These plantable products do more than just promote your company – they grow wildflowers, herbs or veggies, too!

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

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