Hitchweb handmade promotional soaps wrapped in plantable seed paper

{case study} Hitchweb Handmade Promotional Soaps

Hitchweb is an online store that supplies Canadian-made vehicle parts, accessories, and outdoor equipment from roof racks to camping supplies. Their mission is to give road-tripping Canadians the products they need to have a comfortable adventure on the road.


  • Show customers that Hitchweb values being more environmentally-friendly
  • Give a gift that inspires Hitchweb’s target audience to enjoy their outdoor adventures
  • Choose a promotional gift that helps Hitchweb stand out

Strategy and Execution

The company worked with Patti Clement, Promotional Branding Specialist from Outstanding Branding, to distribute handmade promotional soaps to key customers and influencers to show appreciation and encourage them to share the gift idea with their following. Hitchweb has also made the soaps available on their site for purchase. 

Hitchweb handmade promotional soaps wrapped in plantable seed paper

Hitchweb saw an opportunity to give a gift that their customers would find helpful on their next adventure. Instead of a run-of-the-mill flashlight or promo trinket, they chose handmade promotional soaps. Their target audience is adventure enthusiasts, so the soaps will help them stay comfortable, fresh, and clean while exploring.

Because their target audience is also outdoorsy, it made sense for Hitchweb to choose Botanical PaperWorks handmade, vegan, natural soaps. The seed paper soap wraps giving a gardening gift of non-GMO and non-invasive wildflower seeds that grow when planted. Hitchweb hopes their soaps will help boost awareness and perception of their brand.

“We loved the soap from a collaboration and an environment-friendly point of view. The packaging was the kicker, it really put it all together.”

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