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Holiday Promotional Products Idea Book featuring NEW Product Lines

With sunny summer days in full swing, it might be difficult to think about festive winter campaigns but the best time for planning holiday promotions is upon us. If you’re looking for ways to show customers, employees, and stakeholders appreciation, explore these gifts that are useful, thoughtful, and eco-friendly!

Whether your goals are to sell goods or services, host an event, build brand awareness, or cultivate important relationships, the right holiday promotions can help you achieve and even surpass your goals. That’s why we put together this Holiday Promotional Products Idea Book that has a ton of unique ideas to get you started.

Featuring two NEW product lines!

1. Custom Logo Candles

Just in time for the coziest season of the year, these new promotional candles will ignite your brand this holiday season. Each custom candle is made with care from natural plant-based soy and coconut wax. They provide a slow, even, clean burn, ensuring hours of subtle fragrance and beautiful glow.

Watch this video to learn all about these NEW soy + coconut wax custom logo candles from Botanical PaperWorks


2. Promotional Gift Sets

Showcasing appreciation and care has never been so effortless. These thoughtfully curated promotional gift sets showcase a range of Botanical PaperWorks’ most gift-worthy items, each chosen to leave a lasting impression on your valued employees and clients.

Packaged in a sturdy box, these kits are adorned with your branding on a vibrant full-color sticker and on items inside the kit. Both the packaging boxes and filler material are entirely recyclable and compostable, ensuring a small ecological footprint.

Learn more in this product knowledge video where we take a closer at the features and products inside!


Give the unexpected and show care for our planet

The seed paper, handmade soaps, and candle promotions in this eco-friendly collection are sustainable and versatile, so there are tons of ways to make them a part of your holiday marketing plans. Not only will it send a green message and give back to the Earth but it’s such a unique way to stand out and be remembered for the right reasons.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this Holiday Idea Book:

1. Corporate Gifts that will help you show appreciation to your valued donors, volunteers, customers, clients and/or employees in an environmentally friendly way that gets noticed.

2. A wide variety of Holiday Giveaways ideas that can supplement your holiday marketing and build brand recognition in an affordable, yet unique way.

3. Business Holiday Cards and other creative ways to send holiday greetings that grow.

4. Products for Eco-friendly Event Planning that will help make the most of your events without producing excess waste.

5. A variety of Retail Products for eco-friendly packaging, tags & gift cardholders.

Botanical PaperWorks proudly makes all plantable seed paper products with recycled post-consumer materials infused with quality seeds that will grow when planted. As pollinator plants, wildflowers create habitats for important species such as declining honeybee populations, so they will give back to the environment and have a positive impact instead of a negative one. It’s the perfect way to celebrate sustainability this holiday season and do good in your community!


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