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How To Order Seed Paper Boxes

From food items to cosmetics and everything in between, product packaging is as essential to businesses as the products themselves. However, the materials used to create these necessary items are adding a dangerous amount of waste in our landfills. In fact, according to this article by Green Industries, 150 million tonnes of waste is created by packaging from industry and commerce each year. So when companies use eco-green packaging alternatives for their products, it shows that they’re committed to making sustainable choices because they cut back on the paper trail.

Reduce waste and demonstrate your company’s corporate sustainability with memorable eco-friendly packaging!

Perfect for a variety of products or even corporate gift packaging, seed paper boxes from Botanical PaperWorks are a great way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint while giving special gift that grows. Created with post-consumer materials, these promotional products are embedded with NON-GMO seeds that grow when planted in soil leaving no waste behind!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how it works:

1) Decide On A Style

Depending on the item you are packaging, Botanical PaperWorks has a variety of options available, so consider your item when choosing what style might be best. Each box is sturdy but they are best suited for lightweight items such as jewelry or cosmetics so they hold their shape. If you have a delicate product that needs further protection, we recommend using seed paper filler that can be planted to grow even more wildflowers!

From left to right: 1) Pyramid Box 2) Pillow Box, 3) Square Box

NOTE: Contact us for artwork templates if you decide on one of our existing box designs.

Special Notes For Custom Boxes:

If you choose a custom box, you will require a custom die for production which has a one-time setup fee of approximately $300. The die is then yours for life if you need to re-order more boxes. The maximum flat dimensions of your box design must fit within 11.5 x 17.5” with a 1/4 of an inch margins. I

TIP: Be sure to create a mockup of your box design and test it with your product/item before submitting your order to ensure the style of box is just right.

2) Seed Type & Color Options

While eco green packaging prices are based on white wildflower seed paper, you can also choose a variety of upgrades to make your seed paper boxes more unique. We have 25+ designer colour options available so let us know which shade you’re interested in when requesting a quote. In addition, herb or vegetable paper is available in white or cream seed paper. 2.Pick-Your-Seed-Paper-Printed-Shapes-Color

Note: Lighter tones are recommended when printing on the seed paper boxes.

When you’re ready to order, contact us and our expert staff will work with you to make sure your seed paper boxes turn out perfectly.

3) Request a Quote:

Once you know the details of the box you are looking for, email them to [email protected] and request a quote. The details we need to work out your pricing are:

  • The quantity of boxes you need
  • When you need the boxes by
  • The flat layout or die-line of the box 

If you don’t have a die-line for your box, and don’t have access to a designer to help you create one, we recommend using an online box generator like the one at this link

If you have a particular price point you are looking to stick to it is helpful if you can let us know because then we can help you choose options to stay within your budget. Once we have all these details we will send you a quote.

4) Pre-Production Samples

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, we may recommend a pre-production sample to test your design with your product before you place an order. 

This allows you to see your design printed and cut and to try it out to make sure it holds the weight of your product and all the details align as you envisioned.

The cost for a pre-production sample is your artwork setup fee in advance ($35 for 1-sided print or $50 for 2-sided print), a $10 print fee, plus shipping. 

5) Place Order & Submit Final Artwork

When you’re ready to order, contact us to submit the final artwork for your order. To make things quick and easy during the ordering process, we encourage you to take a look at our Artwork Guidelines. After you’ve sent us your artwork, we’ll send you a digital proof for your approval.

Once you love and approve the digital proof we provide with your order, we’ll get the boxes printed and shipped to you as soon as possible. Boxes are shipped flat and require very little assembly. It couldn’t be easier!

Looking for more eco-friendly packaging inspiration?

Take a look at this Case Study to see how Jillian Wright Skincare used seed paper boxes for their line of eco-friendly products.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

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