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7 Steps for Pitching Seed Paper to Clients with FREE PDF Slideshow

Seed paper might be the perfect branding solution for your client. Maybe their customers are more eco-conscious or seed paper ties in metaphorically with their mission to keep growing as a company.

While your client might be open-minded to trying a new, eco-friendly product, they might not have heard of seed paper before. They’ll have questions about the benefits of promoting themselves with seed paper or how seed paper works.

As a distributor, you’ve got a lot on your plate already, so we wanted to help make things a little easier.

Below are 7 easy steps to perfectly pitch seed paper to clients

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As the saying goes, comfort zones are beautiful places but nothing ever grows there. We hope these steps will help you pitch seed paper to clients, so they might step out of their comfort zone and grow from it!

graphic of how seed paper works in 4 steps: plant, water, sun, and grow

Step 1: 

Explain to your client what the seed paper is and what it does.

Seed paper is biodegradable paper that is made with recycled paper waste embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away.

You can also share this YouTube demo. Or, do the demonstration yourself with a seed paper business card, a small pot of soil, and a watering can.

Step 2: 

Explain some of the key benefits of using seed paper.

  1. Wildflowers support pollinators & biodiversity
  2. Using recycled paper helps save trees
  3. It shares an experience and allows you to partner with people to do something good for the planet
  4. It doesn’t create any waste

Seed paper is biodegradable, zero waste, made from recycled paper waste, tested, and approved for planting in various countries. Businesses can be sure they aren’t spreading noxious weeds. There’s even an option to choose Native Species seed paper for specific regions.

Step 3: 

Address the most common concerns as part of your pitch.

Is it safe to plant?

Yes. Botanical PaperWorks uses NON-GMO seeds that are also not invasive in North America.
It is approved by the CFIA and USDA for planting in Canada, the U.S., and many countries worldwide.

Does it really grow?

Yes. It’s regularly tested for germination and the seed types are low maintenance so they are easy to grow.

Show photos of the seed paper in action so they can see the product growing.

seed paper growing into wildflowers: sweet alyssum, clarkia, snapdragon, bird's eye, and catchfly

Step 4:

Share some facts about the demand for eco-friendly promotional products and how they can benefit businesses.

  1. Gain more customer loyalty – Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers all equally view sustainability as a key consideration in their purchasing decisions
  2. Create more incentive to purchase43% of consumers choose brands with environmentally sustainable practices and values.
  3. Appeal to all age groups – 92% of participants in a BPMA study said the reusability, recyclability, and sustainability of products had a medium to high impact on their purchasing decisions.

Step 5: 

Explain some of the ways businesses use seed paper promotions to inspire your clients.

  1. To show appreciation or gratitude with a gardening gift that is uplifting and mood-boosting.
  2. To communicate an environmental commitment.
  3. To symbolize the concept of growing together, working together, or organizational growth.
  4. To encourage positive actions from employees and stakeholders.
  5. To get noticed with something different.
  6. To focus on the positive aspects of a brand.

Step 6: 

Explain the product options available and suggest what might work best for your client

  • List some popular product category examples (business cards, bookmarks, postcards, calendars, greeting cards, candle dust covers, seed bomb sets, coasters, brochures, tags, and more)
  • It’s always a nice touch to show them a visual of their brand on seed paper. Contact us to request a virtual.
  • Explain the various customization options available from sizing, shapes, seed types, colors, and custom die-cuts. There’s lots of freedom for branding with seed paper products which is a huge selling point.
seed paper promotional product options from bookmarks to calendars to lapel pins to coffee sleeves and plantable pencils

Step 7: 

Answer any other questions your clients might have.

Here are a few they might ask, and how you could answer them.

“I don’t have a designer, how can I customize a piece”

Answer: The supplier has a range of pre-designed options to choose from and can often help customize the size, shape, and design of products for businesses. They make the process quick and easy.

“Can I get some samples?”

Answer: Yes, I can request a sample of whatever products you’d like to see from the supplier.

Preparing to pitch seed paper promotional products to clients in a video call soon?

Download this FREE 30-page PDF slideshow to use when pitching seed paper promotional products to clients.

The presentation covers the steps to pitching seed paper outlined above, plus high-quality images and easy-to-read slides.

Cover slide of PDF slideshow for pitching seed paper to clients

If you’re looking for more pitching resources, check out our 3-step guide to pitching eco-friendly promotions to clients. You can also view other resources and client-friendly flyers here.

seed paper business promotional products

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