5 Steps for Pitching Soap to Clients with FREE PDF Slideshow

When looking for promotional product solutions, clients may say they want something new, exciting, clever, and fun such as custom-branded handmade soaps. The reality is that taking that leap into new territory can be intimidating. To sell the idea, and show them they’re making the right choice, you’ll need supporting material.

That’s why we took the time to put together this all-inclusive resource for pitching handmade soaps. You’ll save time and craft the pitch of your dreams!

Below are 5 easy steps to pitch handmade soaps to clients

Also, be sure to download the free slideshow that you can use for client presentations.

ingredients in the handmade soaps from Botanical PaperWorks

Step 1.

Share some of the key benefits of handmade soap

  1. Safe and feels good to use — The ingredients, including shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, are simple and natural so you can feel good about using and sharing them. The bars contain clay colorants and natural essential oils (non-synthetics). They’re also free of palm oil, not tested on animals, and vegan.
  2. Thoughtful & unexpected  — Recipients expect to get promotional items such as pens, lanyards, and t-shirts from brands. Custom-branded handmade soap is surprising and creative with a farmer’s market look and feel.
  3. Multisensory & memorable — The scents and feel of handmade soaps will get brands noticed. A consumer research study on multi-sensory marketing found that scented promotional products are remembered for longer. Plus, handmade soaps are practical, gift-worthy, and luxurious.
  4. Eco-friendly & leaves no waste behind — Wrapped in biodegradable paper wraps made from paper waste materials, handmade soaps are waste-free. They’re also free of skin-irritating chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, triclosan, and phosphorus, which are also harmful to waterways. (Sources: fda.gov, bcpp.org, ewg.org)
  5. Made and shipped within in North America — No need to wait for overseas deliveries, which saves time and prevents headaches from potential supply chain issues.

You can also share this video.

A person washing their hands with lavender & patchouli handmade soaps from Botanical PaperWorks

Step 2.

Give your client samples

Offer them a free sample to encourage them to order. That way, they will get a chance to see and smell the value of handmade soap to help them decide! You can request a sample kit here or order a self-promo with your logo on it.

SELF PROMO OFFER: End quantity pricing less 20% on all soap self promos. Just add BPWSOAP-20 to your POs or contact us to take advantage

A custom-branded handmade soap bar for business promotions from Botanical PaperWorks

Step 3.

Explain why and how different clients use soap and give examples

Here are some of the reasons why clients use soap promotions:

  • To show appreciation or gratitude with a useful gift that is uplifting and mood-boosting.
  • To communicate an environmental commitment with a natural, eco-friendly product.
  • To give a gift that’s memorable and multi-sensory
  • To get noticed with something different.

Here are some examples of how clients use soap promotions:

  1. As a free gift incentive
  2. As a home service thank you giveaway
  3. In an event kit or goodie bag
  4. As an employee appreciation gift

See more ways to share custom branded soap promotions >>

handmade soap bars from Botanical PaperWorks

Step 4:

Explain the product options available and suggest what might work best for your client

  • There are a wide variety of colors and blends to choose from. See them all here.
  • Explain the various options available (full-size or half-size, single bars or sets).
  • Show them a visual of their brand on the label so they can see how the soaps are customized. Contact us to request a virtual.
custom branded handmade soap promotions

Step 5.

Answer any questions your client might have

Here are a few they might ask, and how you could answer them.

Can I mix scents in my order? 

The minimum order is 25 of each blend for single bars. An artwork setup fee of $35 per blend will apply for the customization of the recycled paper soap bar labels. This fee includes your digital proof that will require your approval before printing. If you are purchasing more than one blend, you will require multiple labels and may have 3 to 4 artwork setup fees applied.

If you prefer gifting sets of soaps with a mix of blends, the supplier offers a few options:

A Save Our Oceans custom-branded handmade soap bar for business promotions from Botanical PaperWorks

Can I get seed paper wraps?

For orders to Canada, the supplier does offer seed paper wraps. For orders to US, the soap wrapping is made from biodegradable paper made from waste materials. Both options are quality-made for printing artwork.

What are the turnaround times?

The standard lead times are as follows:

25 – 100 pieces — Will ship 3 – 5 business days from artwork approval.
101 – 200 — Will ship 5 – 10 business days from artwork approval.
201 – 500 — Will ship 3 – 4 weeks from artwork approval.
501+ — Please inquire.

Depending on the type of soap product or set needed, lead times may vary.

Ready to pitch custom-branded handmade soap promotional products?

Download this FREE 21-page PDF slideshow to use when pitching handmade soaps to clients.

The presentation covers the steps to pitching handmade soap outlined above, plus high-quality images and easy-to-read slides.


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