Plantable Paper at SXSW

This just makes our day!

Jacqueline Dodd is an integrated online marketer specializing in branding, social media, and many other web savvy services. She's currently at this year's South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference that features music, film and all things interactive. Not only did she bring her marketing expertise to share with people around the world, but her brand new business cards, made with plantable paper from Botanical PaperWorks! These bright orange eco-friendly business cards not only grow wildflowers when planted, but link to her website as well, using an increasingly popular marketing tool, the QR code. Scan and see for yourself!

These plantable seed business cards are eco and functional. When we network, we collect business cards a plenty and then add a contact's information in our smart phones, computer, tablet, and more, causing the small square of paper to be forgotten, put aside, or even thrown out (although we prefer recycled). These plantable business cards are made from post-consumer waste, so they leave no waste, and are carefully embedded with wildflower seeds. Thus, they become the solution to the problem of, "what do I do with old business cards?" – now all of those lucky recipients of Jacqueline's cards can plant them and grow their garden!

Stand out from the crowd by being unique. Choosing green promotions not only shows your commitment to being eco, but clients and colleagues will be wowed by your creative choice of stationery. To learn more about how you can impact your business, check out our wide array of green promotional products.

*Photo Credit to Jackie Dodd


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