Seed Paper Real Estate Closing Gifts

Buying a first home, or selling a previous home are big milestones, which is why giving real estate closing gifts is common. As a realtor, you help your clients take steps into a new and important phase of their lives. All the months of paperwork, consultations, phone calls, meetings, and showings are finally over. These moments deserve some celebrating.

Start a buzz and stand out

To stay top-of-mind in the competitive real estate market, standing out is an asset. Showing clients and home-buyers appreciation for their business leave a positive impression.

Real estate relationships continue after the home is sold

Recurring business, referrals, and positive reviews help get your name out into the community. The home-buyers you work with who had a great experience working with you may be more enthusiastic about telling their friends and family about you.

Say thank you with these seed paper real estate promotion ideas

These plantable gift ideas are sure to start a conversation when your clients find out they can plant the paper to grow a bouquet of wildflowers. They make a wonderful eco-friendly gift on their own or can be paired with other housewarming items.

1. Seed Paper Thank You Card

plantable seed paper thank you card

Next to any housewarming gift, these seed paper cards are a great addition. Tuck these in with a cheese board, cutting board, cutlery set, assorted homewares gift basket, or any other items that will add to their new home.

2. Seed Paper Coasters and Beverage-Themed Gift

plantable seed paper coasters for real estate closing gifts

Pair these plantable coasters with a set of wine glasses, mugs, or coffee-themed gift box. These branded coasters protect your client’s new coffee table and may be planted after.

Eco Panel Card with Plantable House Shape

plantable seed paper panel cards with house shapes for real estate closing gifts

Make a statement with these panel cards and seed paper house shape. There’s lots of room to add fun planting-themed brand messages and artwork.

3. Seed Paper Planting Stick and Potted Plant

plantable seed paper planting sticks and potted plant for real estate closing gifts

When it comes to home decor, a little greenery goes a long way. Add a planting stick with a plantable seed paper shape to give clients a bonus gardening gift to grow more plants inside.

4. Plantable Herb Garden Eco Calendar

plantable seed paper herb calendar for real estate closing gifts

Perfect for the office, these sleek calendars are also embedded with 3 different herb seeds: basil, parsley & oregano. After every month, they will grow into an herb garden fit to garnish all of the clients favorite dishes. This real estate promotional item reminds clients about their time with you all year.

5. Seed Paper Petal Card and Gift Card

plantable seed paper gift card holders for real estate closing gifts

Go with a gift card, so your client has a chance to choose their own gift. To make their move in easier, look for home-related gift cards for florists, interior designer services, garden centers, or home hardware stores.

6. Plantable Seed Paper Journal and Plantable Pencil

Writing supplies is a simple gift that almost any client would find a use for. These journals and pencils just go above and beyond other office stationery with wildflower seeds that can grow a garden.

Why give seed paper realtor promotional items?

1. Gardening at home is fun for families to do – The wildflower, herb, or veggie seeds in the seed paper are easy to grow, which is great for beginner gardeners.

2. Plantable paper starts conversations and stands out – Bumpy paper that sprouts are different and interesting.

3. Eco-friendly gifts are thoughtful and feel good to give and receive – Bees, hummingbirds, and other pollen-lovers rely on native wildflowers for food and shelter. The seed paper is made from recycled materials and non-invasive, non-GMO seed types.

Customize your real estate closing gifts

plantable seed paper house shapes for real estate closing gifts
  • Sizing: Choose from multiple coasters or panel card sizing options from small to large.
  • Shape: Choose from various coaster shape options including square, circle, or octagon. Choose from various panel card seed paper shapes.
  • Seed Type: Choose the standard wildflower seed blend, tri-herb blend, or other select herbs or veggies, so long as the seeds meet guidelines.
  • Color: Choose from 28 seed paper colors. (Additional charges may apply.)
  • Add Your Design: Submit your logo and artwork to be printed.
  • Planting Instructions: Include instructions for how to plant the seed paper on the back of your seed paper gift.

Add a House Shape Seed Paper Business Card

plantable seed paper house-shaped business cards for real estate

These house-shaped business cards are not just relevant—they’re fun to plant too! Add your contact information and branding. Show off your personality with these cards that grow plants and your business relationships.

Why work with Botanical PaperWorks?

  • Excellent customer service — Botanical PaperWorks has 339 Google Reviews and a Google Review rating of 4.9 stars. So you know you’re getting quality help.
  • Expert advice — With over 20 years of experience in seed papermaking, Botanical PaperWorks is a trusted source for various products. This includes wedding invitations, wedding favors, event stationery, memorial pieces, and corporate promotional items. The company has also won several awards for innovations in printing and the promotional product industry.
  • High-quality paper — Botanical PaperWorks’ seed paper is smooth, thick, and ready for print.
  • Eco-friendly values — All Botanical PaperWorks seed paper is made with donated material from local schools and businesses and other sources. This helps save trees and reduce waste sent to landfills. We also use a large amount of recycled paper material to make seed paper. This makes sure the seed paper is as eco-friendly as possible.
  • Non-GMO & non-invasive seeds — Botanical PaperWorks is the ONLY seed paper manufacturer approved for planting by CFIA and the USDA. The seed paper is safe to plant in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and many other countries worldwide.  By testing each seed for purity, we ensure that they are free of noxious weeds and invasive species. We have tested our soils with ALS Environmental, one of the largest environmental laboratories in the world. The laboratory found that the soil easily met CCME (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment) guidelines.

seed paper business promotional products

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