Seed Paper Memorial Packages

Sending Memorial Packages To Honor A Loved One While Social Distancing Keeps Us Apart

Coming together to commemorate our loved ones when they pass away is one of the few comforts we have in a time of grief. We need to share our stories about our loved one and how much they will be missed. Being in each other’s company makes us feel less alone, and supports us while we cope.

Ever since social and physical distancing measures came into place, funeral service providers have set limits on the number of people allowed to gather together for memorials, some limits are as small as 10 people. This has put unprecedented pressure and stress on the families of loved ones who were planning on celebrating the life of their loved ones. How do they decide who gets to come and who gets left out? Some are left organizing webcasts and live streams of memorial services, especially if they need to proceed with the memorial as planned for religious reasons. Others are choosing cremation and postponing memorials indefinitely.

We need to comfort each other in moments of grief, especially right now, when we can’t be physically close. Everyone deserves to be remembered in the right way.

If you’re looking to something to celebrate their life during this time when a gathering isn’t possible, putting together mailable memorial packages is a nice way to do that. Not only can it be comforting to put together, but all those who would have attended the service will greatly appreciate having something to find some solace as they grieve.

mailed seed paper memorial packages

What to include in memorial packages:

  • Your loved one’s name, date of birth and date of passing on a memorial card with a loving title/opening message such as “you will be missed”, “forever in our hearts,” “thinking of you always,” or “in loving memory.”
  • A printed eulogy that commemorates the person who passed and honors their life.
  • A selection of favorite photos that capture memories of your loved one.
  • A poem or excerpt from a religious text or book.
  • A memorial favor or token that might help them as they grieve. For example, memorial seed cards are an eco-friendly and symbolic gift that each individual can plant in memory of the person lost. When you plant the paper, they’ll grow a wildflower garden as a beautiful living reminder of your loved one.

Tips for sending memorial packages:

  • Keep the contents as flat and compact as possible so that you can mail everything in one large envelope. This will help keep your postage costs down.
  • Send the packages to close family and friends. Keep in mind you don’t have to send these packages to everyone that would have attended the service but those closest to the individual who has passed will greatly appreciate the gesture. You may also want to put it out that there that individual can request a package.
  • Give yourself time to mail them. There is no need to get your memorial packages out quickly, take your time and send them when you feel ready.

You can’t postpone grief. It’s heartbreaking not being able to stand up and tell everyone how great your loved one was or hear stories from others about your loved one. Sending a card to family and friends is one way to make sure your loved one’s life is honored respectfully, with love from all family and friends, though they may be physically distant.

Plantable Memorial Products for Green Burials & Life Celebrations

If you’re looking for a beautiful way to commemorate and celebrate the life of a loved in a natural and eco-friendly way, consider Botanical PaperWorks plantable seed paper memorial cards and favors. Each piece is infused with seeds and made out of post-consumer paper.  When you plant the paper, you’ll grow a wildflower garden as a beautiful living reminder of your loved one.

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