Find out how seed paper cards that grow flowers can help you thank friends and family no matter what the occasion may be.

Thank You Cards That Give Flowers + Helpful Tips For Sending Them

Weddings, birthdays and other special events are some of life’s most joyous occasions and they’re extra special when you’re surrounded by your beloved friends and family. Whether they traveled from a different city, province, state, country or even continent to celebrate with you, the memories you make while you eat, drink and be merry are some of the most treasured memories you’ll ever have. While traditional thank-you cards will show your appreciation after the event, seed paper thank you cards from Botanical PaperWorks take it one step further by giving them an additional gift of fresh, blooming wildflowers.

Seed paper thank you cards are the perfect way to thank friends and family for any occasion.

Helpful Tips For Sending Plantable Thank You Cards

When it comes to sending thank you cards, the message inside is just as important as the overall gesture. You want your loved ones to feel your deepest appreciation for their presence in not only your event, but your life, too. Take a look at these 5 tips for saying thanks:

1) Personalize It
Take the time to write out the recipient’s full name on the thank you card. In today’s casual society, we sometimes forget the beauty of old fashioned card writing.

2) Use Quality Ink
Take the beauty and elegance of your thank you card one step further by investing in good quality pens like gel metallics or rich black ball points. You’d be surprised how big of a difference a fancy pen makes instead of a basic Bic!

3) Make The Message Matter
Whether you’re thanking them for attending your wedding or for simply helping you with a difficult chore, be sure to add some heart and soul into the message you write.

4) Add A Touch of Love
When signing your card, sign off with Love, or Sincerely to make it that much more special.

5) Encourage Them To Plant The Paper
Besides their gorgeous designs, seed paper thank you cards are embedded with seeds that grow wildflowers, so it’s important to remind them that they can plant it in their gardens. Whether you add planting instructions in the design or include them in your note, recipients will feel great knowing that their special, love-filled cards will add more beauty into the world.

Created with eco-friendly seed paper, these cards are embedded with NON-GMO seeds that grow seven different wildflowers when planted in a pot or garden. As the thank you cards compost way, the flowers will grow a gorgeous memento of your event. Whether your loved one celebrated an occasion with you or simply helped you with a favor, these cards are the perfect way to say thanks. With dozens of options available, you’ll surely find a seed paper card right for your occasion.

Say thank you and give flowers with these plantable thank you cards:

Fancy Vintage Plantable Thank You Cards

With beautiful typography, these stationery pieces have a thick white border surrounding a charming design that is available in a variety of elegant colours. And as an added bonus, your guests will be able to plant the seed paper to grow a garden of fresh wildflowers.

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Mountain Seed Paper Thank You Cards

The Mountain Seed Paper Thank You Cards perfectly capture the rustic vibes of a mountainous occasion. With the tall pine trees and rolling hills in the distance, recipients will feel the fresh, natural vibes and be reminded of the beauty in the great outdoors. Perfect for people who strive to be eco-friendly, they’re made from 100% biodegradable materials and are embedded with North American wildflower seeds that grow when the seed paper is planted in soil.

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Bloom Seed Thank You Card

A cheerful floral design that says thank you by actually growing REAL flowers.

Colorful and eye-catching, the Bloom Seed Paper Thank You Cards are a beautiful piece for anyone who loves the look of bright blooms. The four color palettes were specially chosen to bring elegant color to any event. Nectarine and jade, poppy and violet, green and lemon, emerald and blue – perfect pairings for your special day.

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Rustic Tree Thank You Card

This rustic thank you card features your initials etched into a heart on the side of a tree.

From the of our top selling collections, the Rustic Tree Thank You Card is offered in 6 color options and is printed on cream seed paper for a truly natural look and feel. Since the card is biodegradable, you’ll feel good knowing your kind gesture isn’t causing harm to the environment. In fact, it’s doing the opposite as it grow fresh, fragrant wildflowers.

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Romantic Lace Thank You Card

Lovely lace detailing makes this seed card a classic that is perect for any occasion.

Available in 6 color options, this classic thank you card is elegant, feminine and perfect for weddings or bridal showers. With a stunning lace design on the front, the inside is blank so you can customize it so say whatever you wish.

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Seed paper is a unique paper that actually grows when planted. When placed in in soil and kept moist and in the sun you will see a blend of the following wildflowers grow and bloom.

A Closer Look At Wildflower Seed Paper
See more about planting seed paper and what your plantable thank you cards will grow into!

Browse through seed paper wedding collections by

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