Up-Cycle Craft - Wedding Centrepiece and Table Numbers

Up-Cycle Craft – Wedding Centrepiece and Table Numbers

Awesome Up-Cycle Craft: Here's how to simply create gorgeous centrepiece for your next wedding or event with objects found around your house.

If you’re a huge fan of Pinterest like we are than I’m certain you have seen your share of DIY crafts. Do you ever wonder, is it actually as easy as they say it will be? So, inspired by pins from Pinterest, we test one out that we think you DIY brides and event hostesses will love.

With a few simple steps you’ll see how easy it is to pull off fancy one of a kind centrepieces and table numbers. What’s great about this project is, you can customize them to coordinate with any color and theme. Here’s how and the supplies you’ll need:

Love these gorgeous gold and glass up-cycled vases from the stylists at Botanical PaperWorks.


  • Old vases or jars, we used glass so they would be partially transparent but almost any material will work.
  • Peel and stick label paper.
  • Scissors or Exacto knife with a cutting mat and a ruler.
  • Desired color(s) of spray paint.

Up-Cycle Craft: Make gorgeous gold patterned centrepieces from old glass vases and containers around your house.


  • Wash and dry your container(s), a clean surface allows a smooth and even coverage on your vase.
  • Decide on a pattern and trace it on your label paper. Carefully Cut it out. For the striped vase above we cut out strips of varying sizes from large to small. And for the numbered vase we printed our number from our printer right on the label paper and then cut it out.
  • Adhere your pattern to your vase and press firmly on any edges.
  • Set up an area outside or in a well ventilated room that you can start to spray paint. We used an old piece of plywood but newspaper or an old box would work great as well.
  • Shake the spray paint well before you start and test an even spray on your working area before you start on your vase.
  • Now spray your vase covering your whole design. Depending on how thick you want it, add layers one at a time rather than putting one heavy coat, as this would likely drip down the side.
  • Spray should dry after 15 minutes, but we recommend you wait an hour before handling the vase.
  • Carefully remove your label paper and voila, a gorgeous and unique vase ready to be admired!

The table number looks especially nice with a candle in it, it lights up the number creating a romantic table setting for your guests.

Up-Cycle Craft: Make gorgeous gold patterned centrepieces and table numbers from old glass vases and containers around your house.

We hope you enjoyed this Up-Cycle Craft and get a chance to try it out. There are tons of great  Crafts and DIY Projects for you to try. And make sure you keep up with the blog for new and exciting projects every week!

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