{craft} Origami Seed Paper Valentine’s Day Hearts That Grow!

One of the best things about celebrating Valentine’s Day is having the chance to get creative with the ways you can send your love to your spouse, children, and friends. Consider this unique and eco-friendly DIY to show you care. It’s a simple and beautiful seed paper craft suitable for all skill levels. These hearts require only a few items and can be used for gifting a variety of treats, including a love note, candies, or even a gift card – the choice is yours!

These unique Origami Seed Paper Valentine’s Day Hearts will give loved ones an additional gift that grows REAL wildflowers!

Find out how to make these easy & #ecofriendly #Origami Seed Paper #ValentinesDay Hearts using 100% biodegradable materials that actually grow REAL wildflowers! #DIY #craft

A great gift for children, teens or even adults, the seed paper used to create these sweet gifts is available in a variety of colours so you can make them extra personalized by choosing the recipients favourite shade. As an added bonus, your valentine will be able to plant eco-friendly heart to grow a bounty of colorful wildflowers as an additional gift. If you’d rather give your loved ones a gift that your loved ones can actually eat, you can even order the seed paper in herb or veggie options! Created with 100% recyled materials, all of our eco-friendly seed paper is embedded with high quality NON-GMO seeds so you’ll feel good knowing that your Valentine’s Day gift will grow good things instead of leaving harmful waste behind.

Find out how to make these Origami Seed Paper Valentine’s Day Hearts!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

With just a few simple tools, you'll be able to create these #Origami #SeedPaper #ValentinesDay Hearts that will grow REAL wildflowers while leaving no waste behind! #craft #DIY

How to make these seed paper hearts:

Looking for an easy yet beautiful #ValentinesDay craft? Take a look at this tutorial for #Origami #SeedPaper #ValentinesDay hearts! #DIY #craft

Step 1) Using a ruler for proper measurement, create a 5 x 5 square piece of seed paper. If you want your seed paper hearts to be bigger, you can increase the size but make sure the measurments are the same for each side.

Step 2) Hold the seed paper so the pointed ends are facing upwards and fold from top to bottom. Repeat on the other side to create a cross shape in the seed paper.

Step 3) Using a bone folder, press on the folded lines to ensure you’ve created a perfectly flat crease.

Take a look at these easy and #ecofriendly #Origami seed paper #ValentinesDay hearts that can be used for candy, gift cards or love letters while giving recipients an additional gift that grows! #craft

Step 4) Once all folds are smooth, fold the top half into an inverted triangle until it reaches the middle of the fold line. Use the bold fold for a perfectly flat crease.

Step 5) Take the bottom half and fold it until the tip reaches the top section of the folded seed paper. Use the bold fold for a perfectly flat crease.

Step 6) Carefully fold the right bottom corner towards the middle crease. Once it has aligned perfectly with the middle, use the bone fold to create a smooth crease. Repeat on the left side.

Check out this simple #tutorial for creating beautiful & eco-friendly #Origami #SeedPaper #ValentinesDay Hearts! #DIY

Once everything has been folded and creased with the bone fold tool, the seed paper will start to resemble a heart shape.

Want to get creative this #ValentinesDay? Check out this #tutorial for making these charming #Origami #SeedPaper #ValentinesDay Hearts!

Step 7) Flip the heart shape over to the other side and carefully fold the outer corners inward so they no longer stick out. Be sure to use a bone fold for a perfect crease.

Step 8) Using a hot glue gun, carefully glue the folded pieces onto the back of the seed paper. This will make your shape look even more like a true heart so the pointed corners are no longer visable.

Step 9) Repeat the fold and glue steps for the top points of the heart shape.

Looking for a unique #ValentinesDay craft? Take a look at these easy and eco-friendly #Origami Seed Paper Valentines Day Hearts! #Craft

Step 10) Once you’ve glued down those pieces, open the heart shape and tape the bottom piece down so it can be opened seamlessly. This will make sure that any gifts or love notes don’t get stuck in the flap.

Step 11) Done! Whether you insert a love note or a handful of candies inside your seed paper hearts, your loved ones will enjoy the special gift along with the wildflowers they can grow.

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Seed paper is a unique paper that actually grows when planted. When placed in in soil and kept moist and in the sun you will see a blend of the following wildflowers grow and bloom.

Above is a photo of wildflowers we planted from seed paper here in the office in the middle of winter. Even if you plant your Origami Seed Paper Valentines’ Day Hearts in winter, our seed paper still blooms just as beautifully as it would in the summer!

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