Up-Cycle Craft - Bottle Cap Magnets

Up-Cycle Craft – Bottle Cap Magnets

If you or your kids love to craft, here is a great tutorial for an easy project that is fun and looks great too. You can create unique fridge magnets to hold up pictures, drawings, reminders and more using simple crafting tools and old bottle caps that you may have kicking around the house. Download the free printable to get started or get creative and use photos or do some tiny illustrations to make these magnets something special.

We used our finished product to hang a picture of a fluffy friend named Jack who likes to hang out on your keyboard when you’re trying to work. Definitely fridge worthy! Have fun and remember to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle wherever possible.

What you need to up-cycle old bottle caps into magnets

  • Artwork or photos you want in your magnets cut to 1” circles
    (Download the free printable for letters and designs to get you started)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Magnet rounds or sheets cut into small squares
    (TIP: You can even recycle old magnets you don’t use anymore by cutting them into smaller pieces)
  • Bottle caps (as many or a little as you like)

Up-cycle your old bottle caps into cute fridge magnets with this super easy tutorial with a free printable from Botanical PaperWorks


1. Cut your artwork or photos into 1” circles. If using the free printable, cut out the pieces you want to the edges. Try to make sure you get off all the white from the edges.

2. Using double-sided tape or glue, stick the circles into your bottle cap.

3. Now attach the magnets to the back of the caps using double-sided tape or glue if it is not self-adhesive.

And you’re done, it’s literally easy as 1,2,3! Now use your magnets to attach photos, cards and more to your fridge or use the letters to leave a message for the family or a welcome greeting.

Haven’t had enough? Check out more unique DIYs, crafts and up-cycles to keep the creativity flowing.

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