plantable seed paper place cards with dried wildflowers and calligraphy

{crafts} How To Make Pressed Wildflower Place Cards With Seed Paper

Want to add a personal touch to your event tablescapes that’s stylish and eco-friendly? Try out this craft for pressed wildflower place cards with seed paper!

Beyond a decorative napkin or bouquet centerpiece, named place cards have a way of pulling the details together. If your wedding theme has an earthy vibe to it, then dried wildflowers might be a perfect fit.

Handwrite your guests names on the cards yourself, ask a friend with great penmanship to help, or hire a calligrapher. We asked Janet from Michiko Craft to collaborate with us, and her style of calligraphy gave the seed paper place cards a sophisticated flair.

Watch the video or follow the tutorial below to make your own pressed wildflower place cards with seed paper.

Here’s what you’ll need 

  • 8 x 11 sheets of white seed paper (1 sheet makes 4 place cards)
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Calligrapher or brush pens (optional)
  • Wildflowers
  • 2 sheets of paper towel
  • 1 glass or large Pyrex dish
  • Microwave

Note: Pick a clear, colorless glue that will hold the flowers without changing their shape. You can use any glass, bowl, or other kitchenware instead, as long as it is flat and covers the wildflowers.

drying wildflowers in the microwave

First: Press and dry the wildflowers.

We used wildflowers that were hand-picked locally from naturally-growing prairie grass fields. You can pick some local wildflowers as well, or source them from a florist. Some online sellers might also have dried wildflowers.

Step 1: Pick wildflowers or source them from your local florist. Wildflowers with smaller petals and leaves will dry easier. Fold the wildflowers between 2 pieces of paper towel. Place this in the microwave under a glass with a flat bottom. The paper towels will absorb moisture from the petals during the drying process.

Step 2: Microwave for 30-second increments until dried. Check on the wildflowers after each 30-second round to make sure they don’t burn. Pull them out once they appear flatter and smaller.

Note: Microwave settings may vary. If possible, select a low-heat setting such as defrost.

Step 1: Take a sheet of seed paper and trace out rectangles that are 4” wide and 5” long.

Step 2: Cut out the 4 rectangles.

Step 3: Fold each rectangle in half to create place cards that are 2” x 5” when standing.

writing calligraphy on seed paper wedding place cards

Step 4: Write the names of your attendees in your own script handwriting with a brush pen, or hire a calligrapher to do this for you. The calligraphy shown here was done by Janet from Michiko Craft. Leave room in the upper left-hand corner for the dried wildflowers.

gluing dried wildflowers to plantable seed paper place cards

Step 4: Trim the wildflowers as needed.

Step 5: Glue a sprig or two of dried wildflowers to the upper left-hand corners of the place cards. Include parts of the leaves and stems for a natural look.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1 to 5, creating enough place cards for all your guests.

Note: If you’re making place cards for over 100 people, you can double the amount of place cards by making the place cards unfolded. Just measure and cut out 2” by 5” rectangles instead in steps 1 to 3.

DIY wedding place cards with dried wildflowers on plantable seed paper
seed paper wedding place cards with pressed dried wildflowers

Dried wildflowers have an earthy, nostalgic look that’s perfect for any stylish, eco-friendly wedding. If you’re looking for products that go perfectly with these dried wildflower place cards, check out this craft with wax seal wedding invites and dried wildflowers.

You might also want to pair your place cards with these seed paper wedding invitations and plantable wedding favors. Botanical PaperWorks has dozens of designs to choose from, and they all grow wildflowers when planted.

Learn more about this special paper made by Botanical PaperWorks that uses post-consumer materials and is embedded with seeds so that it will grow when planted!

You can buy seed paper sheets for eco-friendly papercraft projects from Botanical PaperWorks. We have a variety of seed options, including wildflower, herb and veggie, and over 25 seed paper colors. Join our mailing list to receive emails with freebies, projects, coupons, green living tips, and decor ideas and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest


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